EMT Training Reviews

Our students believe that the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training here at Unitek Education is one of the most unique in the nation. Want to know why?

I came to Unitek Education because I am interested in tactical medicine, particularly for Law Enforcement. A friend of mine who had already attended Unitek Education's EMT program referred me, and I could not be more satisfied with the results. The instructors are outstanding and create an extremely productive atmosphere where students can truly absorb an incredible amount of information in a very short time. I came to Unitek Education with absolutely no medical training whosoever. After completing the program, I am confident that I can re-enter the workforce with field tested skills and knowledge that others might take much longer to acquire through a "normal" educational regiment. While at Unitek Education, I learned not only how to apply my knowledge in real world scenarios, but I also learned how to lead others in the application of those skills.

Of all the university professors with Ph. D's, teachers, and instructors I have encountered in my lifetime, I can proudly say that the instructors at Unitek Education are the BEST educators I have ever met. Their method simply works; it works flawlessly.

I would recommend Unitek Education's EMT program to anyone who is serious about learning how to practice emergency medicine, whether it be part of a career, or even if just to help their community.

Simon M.- Unitek Education EMT Alumni

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing an experience it was for me. I learned so much and the instructors are AMAZING !!! No other teachers can give 12 hour lectures, 14 days straight, without making students bored. Eric and Josh are Amazing teachers…They literally spoon feed every bit of information you need to know in order to pass the test. The hands on experience, whether it is in the form of trauma lanes, trauma Sunday or Clinicals, is superb. It prepares you for the worst. I found my clinical experience to be much easier than what my teachers prepared me for... worth every penny!

Fatimah Z.- Sacramento, CA

The class its self was fantastic! Eric never once let us feel like he would let us down. He made twelve hour lecture days not only feel enjoyable but also extremely effective as far as knowledge absorption. This program is definitely dynamic in nature and Eric’s teaching style was always there to pull us through. The effectiveness of Eric’s teaching skills along with the help of his very well chosen team, took a diverse class which included everyone from nurses, firefighters, Sheriffs officers, former EMT’s to no former experience students and he got us across the finish line feeling confident in our own abilities as EMT’s. The hands on nature of his class gave us the real world confidence to tackle any situation that may be waiting for us in our futures as health care providers.

Mike K.- Sacramento, CA

The Unitek Education EMT course far exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a course that would teach me enough to pass the National Registry. The course ended up being exceptional, the course incorporated hands on learning, classroom book work and real life scenarios to ensure the best possible learning experience. One thing that made the course seem very reliable was that people from far away countries and from different states around America travelled all the way to California to take this course. I honesty could not recommend a better course to become an EMT. The students, the teachers, and the location all pushed me to my fullest potential.

Kimberley S. EMT Alumni

At first I was nervous about attending a 14 day boot camp and about Unitek Education, but I am so glad I did this program! I am just a stay at home mom with no medical background. I have learned so much from this course. It was easier doing it this way I think. The knowledge stuck with me quicker instead of going to class one or two days a week for six months. The instructors also taught in a way that I could understand the curriculum. I would definitely recommend this course and school to future EMT's.

Julie G.- Rancho Cucamonga, CA

From the time I showed interest in the 2 week EMT Boot Camp program, Unitek Education Staff was very consistent with follow-up & follow-through. The instructors come from different backgrounds of the EMS field, which plays a big role in different learning styles. Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to enter the industry.

Michael C. – Broken Arrow, OK

Awesome fast paced course, great instructors who provided service above and beyond the call of duty.

Samuel E. - Portland , OR

A great course if you are in a short time frame. The wealth of knowledge that comes from the instructors is second to none.

Paul L – Modesto, CA

It was an excellent experience. The instructors were all easy to get along with and very funny, while at the same time highly knowledgeable.

James C – Calabasas, CA

Overall an excellent program, instructors are not only knowledgeable, but manage to make lectures entertaining and engaging. This program contains a lot of hands-on learning, and constantly keeps interest in the subject matter. I learned a lot despite the short period of the time. It was definitely worth choosing this program.

Randahl C – San Jose, CA

Unitek Education's EMT course is the best course I have ever taken. Both lead Instructors lead an awesome team of in instructors dedicated to teach you what you need to know in order for the world of EMS. If you truly want to become an EMT, I highly suggest Unitek Education's 14 day boot camp. It was a great learning experience that allowed me not only to see EMS through the experience of my instructors but helped me realize the important of patient care.

Thanks Unitek Education!!

Jordan L – Pacifica, CA

I've taken an EMT course at a community college and I've learned more at this program than over a full semester at the community college. Also the Practical skills application we get here is awesome.

Nicholas L – Bakersfield, CA

Great school for EMT program, but make sure you are ready to heavy duty studying and working. It is a fun program if you are committed though.

Colleen P- Oceanside, CA

The team at Unitek Education represents a new-age of medical providers. The ones who will take the time to answer your questions, your "What ifs?" the "how come?" the "why not?" Those who will choose the path of an EMT I highly recommend go through Unitek Education. Not only for their knowledge and years of service, but for their humane compassion for life and love and respect of all those in need of medical care. Thank you, Unitek Education.

Daniel E – Redwood City, CA

This is a great class. I would recommend this boot camp to anybody who is looking to get into the EMS field.

Darrell K - Elk Grove, CA

Unitek Education's Instructors are passionate in the teaching of all aspects of EMS. I feel like I have gained an experience for a lifetime. Thank you Unitek Education.

Jessica S - San Diego, CA

This class is the best EMT course I had ever seen. I recommend anyone to take this class. This class has a lot of hands on training, be ready to get a bloody (fake), dirty, sweaty and excited!

Rael T – Corona, CA

It was an awesome experience and awesome time. The program is very well put together and I feel I learned a lot.

Trevor Z - Belmont, CA

It is a great program. I really learned a lot and found the teaching style to be better for me to learn.

Steven J - San Mateo, CA

This place is amazing. I was never the brightest kid in class, but here as a team we all succeeded. These past 14 days I did more than I ever expected to do in that period of time. The most recommended program and well worth the time and money. Looking forward to life in the EMS world.

Jason W - Benicia, CA

Unitek Education has been one of the best programs I’ve attended. Fast paced and jam packed full of information. I never knew I could learn so much in such a short time.

Kevin S - Apple Valley, CA

The two lead instructors run a great program, they make it fun and exciting and triage Sunday was awesome! Way to go!

Brandon S - Santa Clara, CA

This place was great, the instructors presented information well. All of the instructors were nice and very helpful. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Xerres V – San Leandro, CA

I just want to say that I thought the EMT Boot Camp was an AWESOME way to go. I really feel like I retained a lot of the information and it was a great way to get it done fast! I came to Unitek Education to do the Boot Camp so that I could apply for firefighter jobs here in the state of Montana. After completion of the Boot Camp I had a couple of interviews for a job and I'm happy to say I am now working as a Firefighter/EMT for the city of Billings, MT. Thanks to your wonderful staff there at Unitek Education, I now have my dream job!

Brianna M - Turlock, CA

I want to say that the EMT Instructor at Unitek Education was very dedicated, and he presented the course material very well while keeping the class on track. Because of you and your school Unitek Education, I did not have to attend four months of local schooling. I also wanted to let you know that I passed the NREMT on the first try with a 95% and now I’m currently enrolled in a local Paramedic School in Birmingham, Alabama.

The classes I took at Unitek Education have given me an advantage among my peers at my local Paramedic School. At Unitek Education, I had hands on role playing experiences which taught me how to use the Nasopharyngeal Airway tube (NPA) and the Endotracheal Tube (ETT). The students here at my new school begin to panic when they need to perform this in front of their classmates, however since I had done it so much at Unitek Education I am very comfortable with it and I was prepared for the Paramedic School. Some of the students asked where I had learned all of this and I shared with them my experiences at Unitek Education and its 14 Day EMT Boot camp.

I would recommend your school to anyone and I told my instructor that as well.
Thanks for all your help and for keeping me from going nuts wondering if I could pass.

Joe B - Birmingham, AL

Unitek Education's EMT Boot Camp experience was very intense. The instructors were "second to none" not only in class, but if you were willing to put the extra time and effort needed after class they were willing to stay over and match your efforts. In the end it was a great experience and well worth the intense time and study.

I would recommend this Boot Camp to anyone who is serious about wanting to become an EMT

Brandon VW - Naples, FL

I attended the last Boot Camp in April and had a fantastic time. Coming into the program I did not have any EMT experience whatsoever! I found the instructors very knowledgeable and helpful when ever there was a question. And boy did I have some questions. When the boot camp was all said and done, I passed the course, as well as the NREMT exam. Along with the great knowledge that I obtain and many friend that I had met.

It was a wonderful experience. Thanks Unitek Education for the wonderful program and wonderful experience.

Mike F - West Covina, CA


All EMT training images were taken during the actual EMT boot camp*. Triage scenes
depict real life scenarios; volunteers, props, and makeup were used to provide real world chaos and scenarios, no volunteers
were actually hurt during these drills.



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*EMT Boot Camp Training is the portion of the EMT program which includes intensive on-campus education with daily lectures and hands-on skills
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