14 Day Accelerated EMT Boot Camp*

An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) works in Emergency Medical Services and is responsible for:
  • Basic life support at the scene of an emergency
  • Transport of the sick and injured
  • Inter-facility transfer within an organized EMS system
Get certified in less time and gain real hands-on experience with Unitek Education’s EMT Boot Camp*. This includes a local ride-along, allowing you to experience what it means to be an EMT before achieving certification. Unitek Education also provides testing assistance for those who need a little extra help.

Boot Camp* Details:
  • Hands-on EMT 14 Day On-Ground Training.
  • Unitek Education offers EMT National Registry passing assistance and delivers the skills-training through a combination of theory lectures and hands-on prep with medical equipment.
  • Catered meals - all lunches and dinners at Unitek Education’s location are included- on clinical days students are responsible for their own meals.
  • Excellent financing options - 100% financing is available for those who qualify.
  • All students will have a clinical ride-along in an ambulance or Emergency Room setting. (Not a simulation).

Unitek Education's goal is to make each graduate more marketable by offering multiple certifications to prepare new EMT's to be able to meet the needs and requirements of the various types of agencies an EMT can work within. We currently offer the following certifications:
  • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Program completion certificate - After successful completion of the 170 hour EMT Program, each student is given a certificate of completion which makes them eligible to take the NREMT exam to obtain licensure.
  • Advanced Level Skills Assist
    • Glucometer - The glucometer is used by EMT's to measure a person's blood sugar level, requiring drawing blood from a patient and reading the blood sugar levels via a glucometer.
    • I.V. Maintenance - From time to time, patients need to be transferred from one facility to another with an I.V. already established. This certification enables EMTs to learn and understand I.V. basics. Please understand - this is not a certificate to initiate I.V.'s - rather, it is to learn how to take care of a patient who already has one.
    • Advanced Airway - This is a lifesaving procedure that helps unconscious patients breathe. The student will learn how to perform endotracheal intubation (inserting a breathing tube) as well as being trained on insertion of a supraglottic airway which can be used in situations when intubation has failed or when airway management is needed for trapped patients.

Boot Camp* Preparations

Already enrolled? Please make sure that you review the Boot Camp* Preparation option below. Boot Camp* Schedule

14 Day Emergency Medical Technician Boot Camp

Duration: 14 days


Start Date End Date Location
  Aug-27-2017   Sep-09-2017 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  Sep-17-2017   Sep-30-2017 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  Oct-08-2017   Oct-21-2017 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  Nov-05-2017   Nov-18-2017 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  Dec-03-2017   Dec-16-2017 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  Dec-26-2017   Jan-08-2018 Fremont - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Non-California Students

Non-California students: Currently, all of our EMT- B Boot Camps* are held in California. Students from all over the United States can attend the boot camps*. .

* Some restrictions apply.

Unitek Education is applying for permission to teach EMT boot camps* in all major U.S. states. If you are unable to take advantage of the California travel package, but are interested in attending our boot camp* in your state, please fill out the information form. Our counselors will give you date/location information once we have completed our EMS approval process. If I don't live in California, how can I be sure that attending the boot camp* in California will enable me to get an EMT-B license/registration in my state?

Each day the boot camp* starts at 8:00 am sharp and continues until 8:00 pm. (Note: Hours may change slightly based on instructor/classroom feedback)

Instructional Advantage

Unitek Education's Boot Camps* are led by a single industry expert. Why is this important to you? Traditional programs generally utilize multiple instructors, making it difficult for students to stay on track. Consistency is lost in the classroom as each instructor's teaching style varies. At Unitek Education, however, one qualified lead instructor facilitates the entire program, melding the curriculum into a seamless process that gives Unitek Education's students a more consistent education. We challenge you to find a comparable boot camp* which offers this level of advantage!

NREMT Passing Assistance

In the event you are unsuccessful passing the NREMT Passing Assistance cognitive NREMT® exam on your first test attempt, Unitek Education gives you the option to retake the NREMT examination once more at no cost. If you pass the program with 80% or higher and were unsuccessful in passing the cognitive NREMT ® examination, Unitek Education offers graduates the option to retake the 14-Day Boot camp* again, within 18-months, for no additional charge. (Note: The tuition cost will be waived for the program retake. Charges associated with Airfare, Hotel and meals are not covered by Unitek Education).

The following additional requirements apply to the cognitive NREMT ® Exam retake offer:
  • Student MUST have successfully completed the entire Unitek Education EMT Program and associated materials prior to the scheduled date of the cognitive NREMT® examination and achieved a minimum score of 80% cumulative grade average in the EMT program.
  • The first cognitive NREMT® examination attempt must be within 30 days of completion of the program. The second attempt (if needed) must be within 90 days from the result of the first attempt. The retake is ONLY valid for students that attempted (and did not pass) the cognitive NREMT® examination on the first attempt & within the required time frame. If, for any reason, the student did not make the first attempt within the required time, the retake offer is considered null and void.
  • Students understand that they must take the NREMT exam within two years of the completion of the program or they will not be able to apply for the NREMT Certification. Psychomotor (Practical skill) examination results are valid for one (1) year from the date of the examination. National EMT certification requires successful completion of both a cognitive and psychomotor exam. Passed portions of the exam (both cognitive and psychomotor) remain valid for a twelve (12) month period. Practical skill examination results are valid for one (1) year from the date of the examination.
Unitek Education will issue a voucher for the cognitive NREMT® examination and, if needed, a second voucher for the second attempt.

Note - To attend a future boot camp* for free, you need to bring your textbooks and uniform. (Airfare, Hotel, and Meals are the student's responsibility).

Furthermore, we are so confident about the quality of our program, that if during the first day you are not satisfied and wish to withdraw from the program, simply notify the instructor, return all unmarked material, and receive a prorated refund. (We will charge you a non-refundable registration fee of $250, books, and prorated hours of instruction.) All training materials must remain with the instructor at the time of withdrawal.

The following will void your NREMT Exam Retake option:
  • Any violations of classroom policy.
  • Not successfully completing the didactic portion of the course.
  • Failed Psychomotor NREMT® skills examination
  • Missed more than 12 hours.
*EMT Boot Camp is the portion of the EMT program which includes intensive on-campus education with daily lectures and hands-on skills. The EMT program also includes a 40+ hour online prerequisite portion of the program that must be complete prior to beginning the boot camp.



By submitting this form, I agree that Unitek Education may call and/or text me about educational services at the phone number provided, including a wireless number, using automated technology. This consent is not required to attend our institutions. You may call us directly at 888-790-1458.
*EMT Boot Camp Training is the portion of the EMT program which includes intensive on-campus education with daily lectures and hands-on skills
**Note: This training event is hosted by the YMCA, in partnership with Marin County EMS.
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